National Volunteer Summit 2011

4th National Volunteer Summit  
"The Role of Volunteers in Building Authentic Peace and Human Development"

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DAY 1                                                                                                                                    [ APRIL 8 ]
8:00-10:00am [ Arrival/Registration ]
10:00-11:00am [ Set up of Exhibit ]

One of the goals of the VOICE Network is to inform and advocate volunteering best practices to the public. The summit will organize volunteer programs exhibits which will highlight volunteer organizations’ response to MDG’s collaterals for peace and development. This is one way of promoting volunteers’ engagements in attaining the Millennium Development Goals. The Exhibit would be open for public viewing. The organizers will also allot time for the public to interact with the volunteers to discuss their institutions and activities.
11:00am [ Welcome Ceremony ]
11:30am [ Opening of Photo Exhibit ]

The Photo Contest is open to photojournalists. The competition will feature photographs of peace-building efforts carried out by volunteer organizations based in/that have projects in Mindanao.
1:00-5pm [Opening Program]
Keynote Speech
Cultural Presentation (break)
2:00pm [Plenary Presentations]
Sub-Theme 1: Affirmations and Challenges in Engaging Volunteers as Host/Partner
Sub-Theme 2: Role of the Academe in the Peace Process
Sub-Theme 3: Bridging Peace Approach of Communities in Conflict
Sub-Theme 4: Social Enterprise Approach

Open Forum
Breakout Session
7:30pm [ Film-Viewing: Lupang Hinirang, Lupang Hinarang by Ditsi Carolino-Garcia ]
Short Interaction with the Filmmaker and Sumilao Volunteers
DAY 2                                                                                                                                    [ APRIL 9 ]
7:30-2:00pm [Study Tour]
NVS participants will be divided into small groups to tour various volunteer service project sites in Cagayan de Oro and Bukidnon, it is hoped that participants will have a better understanding of how volunteers in Mindanao contribute in peace and development.
3:00pm [ Group Processing (Highlighting Community/Organizations Best Practices) ]
7:00pm [ Socials, V-Monologues, Gawad-V ]
DAY 3                                                                                                                                  [ APRIL 10 ]
7:30-11:00am [ Simultaneous Activity ]
1. Volunteers Capacity Building 
2. VOICE General Assembly
11:00am [ Synthesis for the Breakout Session ]
[ Study Tour Output Presentation ]
[ Awarding ]

11:00am [ Closing ] Lunch
*Trade Fair: Community products will also be promoted during the summit. The organizers will allocate booths for the organizations that have community products.  This would provide leverage for community-based commodities against the commercially available products. This would also be a good venue to target sympathy market and trade fair advocates that support local entrepreneurs. (Open to all social enterprise. Reserve now for limited slots available). *Bloodletting activity: In partnership with Red Cross Misamis Oriental Chapter, VOICE will hold bloodletting activity which will benefit cancer patients and IPs in the region. It’s a tribute to former VOICE cluster coordinator (Divina Gracia Benitez), who at 27 died due to lung cancer and who devoted most of her youthful years in volunteering, especially with the IPs. (Not limited to NVS delegates. Open to the public).
(*Running activity throughout the Summit.)
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